Programs and Initiatives

Education Reform Initiatives
This initiative will provide curriculum reform information and tools to mothers to drive change in schools and advocate for their children. This includes discussions with PTO/PTAs, school boards, and other educational channels to apply the appropriate pressure for immediate action.

Anti-Racist Programs and Outreach
These monthly and ongoing programs will follow the developmental level and matriculation of the children from preschool to high school. These include programs on social-emotional development, discussing anti-racism with children, understanding microaggressions, and many more topics that evolve around diversity and inclusion,

Moms Who Lead With Love will award an annual scholarship to promote continued education and educational resources such as mentoring, co-op programs, internships and job shadowing among minority kids who are in grades 9th-12th grade as well as college students by providing a scholarship to full time students with a financial need from disadvantaged backgrounds and families.

Mom Who Leads With Love Summit
The annual Mom Who Lead With Love Summit is a 3 day live and virtual experience where moms link arms to stand up, speak out against systemic racism and educate themselves as well as one another on the importance of advocating for their children within the school system and all learning communities. The 3 day experience includes experiences such as a march, educational workshops for moms on topics such as advocacy within schools, courageous conversations with kids about race, communication templates and letters for driving change as a parent and other topics to empower moms. Kids are also welcome to join as there are family friendly events as well such as our signature “Liberty on the Lawn” event where kids are encouraged to authentically express their activism through their own understanding of what justice means to them.

Our inaugural Moms Who Lead With Love Summit is currently scheduled for August 28th-August 30th which will also commemorate the 57th Anniversary of the historical March on Washington, where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech.

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